Upcoming Races:

Around the Bay – 30k – Hamilton: Mar. 28, 2010
ING Ottawa Marathon: Sun. May 30, 2010
Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon: Sun. Sept. 26, 2010
Run for the Toad 25km – Cambridge: October 2010

Past Races:

Goodlife Fitness Toronto Half Marathon — 1 hour, 39 min.
Scotiabank Waterfront Toronto Marathon — 1 hour, 44 min.
Toronto Pride and Remembrance Run (5km) — 22 min, 29 sec.
Achilles Toronto 5km — 24 min, 51 sec.


6 responses to “Races

  1. why do these races have to be so early in the morning??? don’t they know that this chauffeur would like to sleep in on Sunday! oh well, the things you do for love…….

  2. Basically your just a great guy Ken

  3. hahahaha, especially the winter runs! I like the idea of a nice 2:00pm start…I figure though, they’d have a field day with trying to get road closure permits…

  4. Great choice of races Matt! Just remember, if you qualify for Boston, make sure you register early. 2010 sold out last week, a mere 85 days after opening in early September.

    There are some rumbling of tightening qualifying times… I heard it’s been done before…. yikes!

    • Thanks Sylvie – Yumke BQ’d this season and found the same thing – he got accepted, but said it sold out quick. I’ll likely fill out all the forms except for the time, bring them with me in an express air mail package and fill them out while I’m grabbing a bagel after the race ;-)

  5. LOL too funny! You still have to register like everyone else… mark early September 2010 in your calendar so you can enter your application… then you can tell us all about it!

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