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’tis the season…

to bake! I’m cramming a fair bit of baking and cooking into this weekend — some friends are having a pot-luck tonight to which I’m contributing:

Butternut Squash dip

I got the recipe for this dip from Yoga Journal last year (I can’t find it on their website to link to and am not sure about the legality of reprinting it here). Every time I make it I get requests for it again. It’s similar to a hummus, but without the chickpeas, and is excellent with veggies or breads.

Stuffing Balls

My grandmother used to make these for various holiday meals. She would also make stuffing the traditional way, buts she’d make extra and form them into small balls and then bake them, basting them as they cooked. For these, I tore up a loaf of bread and let it go stale over night. I then seasoned the bread with powdered sage, savory and rosemary. I  sautéed a diced onion and two stalks of chopped celery and then added those to the bread along with a cup of vegetable stalk and “mushed” everything together, forming them into balls. The balls in the picture are still not cooked.

Apple pie with lattice top

This got a little crispy in the oven. But it’s still tasty. Nothing beats apple pie for comfort food! I also baked a bunch of shortbread last night, that had to be taste tested of course. ;-)

However, I did get out this morning for a shorter run. Tomorrow won’t be able to do my normal LSD because I’ll be out visiting family, so I went running with a buddy for 11 km. We ran the belt line, which was covered in ice. Great for the stabilizing muscles, not so great for speed or confidence in not falling on one’s face. We made our way over to Mount Pleasant and down to Union Station. It was cold, but beautiful and sunny.

I’m now off for that most glamourous of jobs… the dishes!