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Hair of the Dog…

The Terrible Tutus at the 2009 Hair of the Dog fun run and walk. From left: Shawn Syms, Paul Schofield, Sylvie Desroche, Thomas Anderson, Aestus Rogers and moi with the lovely Syd.

While most people I knew were snug in their warm beds yesterday morning, resting or nursing a hangover, a few zealous runners were out kicking off the New Year at the 30th annual “Hair of the Dog” fun run and walk.

In particular, my running buddies “The Terrible Tutus” ran the 9 km route along the Eastern Beaches Boardwalk/Martin Goodman Trail that started at the Balmy Beach Club. The “fun” run also features a glass of schnapps for each of the participants around the 4.5 km turn around at the foot of Leslie Street.

Runners at the start line at this year's run (the sign says "start" on the other side - the event is an out and back)

The event was put on by the Balmy Beach Canoe Club, a non-profit organization that has been serving amateur athletes in Toronto for over 100 years. The annual race benefits the paddling section of the Balmy Beach Club – which includes the rugby club, the hockey club, the squash club, and other sports such as football, deck tennis, surf boarding, tennis, etc. The event was open to both walkers and runners of all levels.

Sylvie (in front) and Thomas (behind) getting ready for their venture into the winter waters of Lake Ontario. Brave souls, those be.

Following the run, Sylvie, Thomas and half a dozen others who had a little extra crazy in them headed for the frigid waters of Lake Ontario for a little post-race dip. I’ve never understood the desire to voluntarily jump into freezing cold waters, but have to give it up to these two who took the plunge with smiles on their face and scarce clothing on their bodies! After their aquatic adventure, we headed for warmer grounds inside the club where they were serving chili and salad. A great day and a great way to kick off both a new year and a new decade!

Of course, while not official, we musn’t forget the best looking (and patient) dog with hair — Syd!