Toronto hills and cake…

This post is a little bit random, but I’m feeling a little random at the moment, so bear with me.

First some housekeeping. It’s been a month or so, and I keep forgetting to mention it, but I acquired an actual domain name for the blog. So is all ours! No more! I’ve also put up a new page on the blog to archive previous installments of the Toronto Runner series. You can check this out by clicking on the link above or by clicking here. Also, if you haven’t already, you should really venture on over to the right hand side of this screen and click on the Facebook link and become a fan of the Fartlek Runner. I post to that page when there are new blog entries and other random stuff that comes up between posts. All the cool kids are doing it, and you’re a cool kid… right?

Today is February 10th, and the novelty of winter running is starting to loose its panache. We’ve been pretty lucky so far and it’s been pretty mild and dry, but I have the feeling that my honeymoon period with this season is drawing to a close. Also, it’s amazing what a season can do to the volume of running-related laundry one has! The silver lining (or golden as the case may be) is the amount of daylight we’re getting is now noticeably longer, and I try to keep in mind that “spring” is just around the corner (39 days and counting to be exact).

Toronto Hills

The hill in Hoggs Hollow

I’m looking to start a new kind of profile on the blog — one that looks at the best hills in the city for doing hill repeats on. I know of a couple, but I figure there has to be some real gems out there in the different areas of the city. So I’m looking to you to help me out. Please click here and send me your suggestions for the best hill(s) in the city and I’ll go out and run them and report back with a rating system and pictures. This most likely won’t be weekly, but I hope for it to be regular.

This has nothing to do with running, other than running can provide the caloric room to eat it! Tonight I made a chocolate orange bunt cake with orange and chocolate icing all over it. The recipe comes from here, and it’s really good. I made it to take in for a potluck lunch my work is having this week, so we’ll see how it goes over, but I have a sneaking suspicion that there won’t be left overs.


One response to “Toronto hills and cake…

  1. I’ve tried this cake and it is so good. A+

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