Toronto Runner: Beth Douglas

Beth Douglas never thought of herself as a runner. “I have always been involved in basketball, volleyball, softball and soccer, but never thought seriously of running for any sort of distance,” she recalls. “In university, part of my kinesiology education involved participating in various sport activities, one of which was running. The first five kilometres was tough, but after that, I was hooked.”

From those first 5k, Beth completed her first half marathon at last year’s Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon in two hours and 15 minutes. “I beat mayor Miller,” she jokes. “I had some knee issues during the race, and I drank too much Gatorade, but finishing that race was one of my most personally memorable running moments I’ve had.”

In addition to personal accomplishments, Beth’s accomplishments in running have also involved inspiring others in the sport as well. She has been coaching running clinics since 2006, coaching primarily Learn to Run, 5k and 10k distances. “Seeing people complete my running clinics, and then go on to run a half marathon or full marathon is so rewarding,” says Beth. “Inspiring people to love running as much as I do is a dream goal that I hope to achieve.”

In addition to running and helping teach others to run, Beth is also a licensed Chiropractor with the Commerce Court Health Centre, treating many runners who find themselves with various running-related inflictions. “I see the whole spectrum in my practice,” says Beth, “from injuries related to over use, to things like plantar fasciitis. My goal is to help these runners get back on their feet while educating them on how to stay there.”

Currently running three to four times a week, Beth admits to being a bit of a fair weather runner, and is trying to challenge herself to run outside year round. “I’m really trying to run through this winter,” she says, “otherwise, you can find me on a treadmill at the gym, but really, it’s not the same.”

Beth finishes her first half marathon at the 2009 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

To keep her focused on her training, Beth is running the Around the Bay Road Race at the end of March in Hamilton and is looking at running the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon again this September. “I don’t aspire to run a full marathon,” says Beth, “but I’m a competitive person and challenging my race results is important and pushes me to see what my body can do.

“Running is a huge outlet for me and allows me time for myself where I can think and sort through any issues I may be dealing with at home or work. I have also met so many wonderful friends through running and it was a great way to make Toronto feel more like a home.

“I’ve definitely gotten to know the city better through it, and discovered new neighbourhoods with every long run — there are so many routes to choose from.”

Quick Fact:
Favourite Shoe: ASICS 2140
Favourite gear: ipod


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