odds and ends…

Beth left me alone for a few minutes, so I snapped a photo my porcupine thigh.

A couple of days ago I went for my second chiro appointment and had the other leg worked on as well as having acupuncture on both legs (word to the wise, when they tell you not to move, they mean it). The legs are feeling much better and later today I’ve been given to go ahead to try a short 5k run in my new shoes to see how the leg feels (woohoo). If all is good after that, I can try another short run on the weekend, and then have a final follow up appointment on Monday to hopefully get the all clear before starting my marathon clinic next Thursday. Oh, and I’m supposed to roll out my legs.

In keeping with my “tapering” for my marathon training theme, these runs are like those “friendship” teaser runs you’re supposed to do at the end of the taper period to “loosen” up your legs before race day. I’ve been told I’ll have some residual pain at first, especially because of the cognitive focus on the affected area, but that it will eventually dissipate and be fine. So here is to an injury-free training season!

I thought I’d post a couple of running stories I’ve come across over the last couple of days:

To finish things off for today, here is a fun and short running video called “Onwards” by James Jarvis, and sponsored by Nike:


2 responses to “odds and ends…

  1. YOU MOVED while the needles were in??? Are you insane???? ouch ouch ouch! LOL

    Glad you’re on the mend. Now listen to what she says… E.A.S.Y. run ok? :)

    • It wasn’t entirely intentional… I thought my leg was slipping, so I went to move it more onto the cushion. Then it occurred to me that I had long needles stuck into my muscle… lol. Surprisingly, there was no bruising.
      CAN’T wait to get out there in my new spiffy shoes. I don’t care if I have to run at a 7 min km… this not running thing is for the birds! to pacify myself, I’m planning my training for the next three months ;-)

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