Chiropractor and food…

So far, I have been a good little runner. That is to say, I haven’t run since last Wednesday. But that is not to say, I’m a “happy little runner”. We had amazing weather here in Toronto over the weekend, and I stared out the window like a lost puppy dreaming of running in all that sunshine. My new shoes sit there, minute upon minute, mocking my gimp knee… all right, end the dramatics. Had to try to work it just a little, didn’t I? It was, after all, the first Sunday in a long time that I’ve been able to actually sleep in! Oh glorious mornings of waking up without an alarm!

I went to the gym Saturday morning for a spin class (with no issue) and then a weight class. During the weight class, the my knee began to act up during lunges and I had to backed off (or rather, I sat down and waited for the next track). Enter Beth Douglas.

Beth Douglas coached the 10km clinic I took last year. She also happens to be my Chiropractor. Readers, meet Beth:

I went to see Beth about my knee issues today. While she doesn’t love it, among my running buddies, Beth has garnered the nickname “The Dominatrix.” Frankly, it’s not a really fitting nickname, as Beth is a sweetheart, and stems more from the fact that we’re a bunch of whinny wimps. But it may also have something to do with these bad boys:

No, those aren’t Dexter Morgan’s tools – those babies are used for the Graston Technique, which Beth has employed during past running-related sessions. My experience of Graston consists having those shinny metal tools “raked” across the tight areas of my legs (e.g., IT band, knee and hip bone). It makes using a foam roller look a lot more appealing, and perhaps that is part of the message. If I had been properly rolling out my IT bands (personally, I prefer to use a rolling pin from the kitchen), my knee wouldn’t be hurting right now. But I digress.

During today’s session, Beth used Active Release Therapy (ART) and a vibrating machine that looked like an oversized personal massager (see picture on the left) to make my glutes relax (yes, I have a tight ass… har har har).

In the past Beth has also used Acupuncture as part of treatments. The acupuncture needles – which don’t hurt at all — were hooked up to a machine that generates continuous electric pulses (this is also known as Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, or PENS), helping the muscles to relax and loosen.

Rest, RICE, and a Chrio appointment down, I’m hoping to be pounding the pavement soon! I see Beth again later this week for a follow up and to get the ok to start running soon. Lets keep our fingers crossed!


On a different note, I got to cook several fun meals this weekend. Friday night, I made Tal Ronnan’s “chicken” scalloppini with shiitake sake sauce, braised pea shoots, and crispy udon noodle cakes (pictured Left), and served SusanV’s apple pie wontons with peach chutney for dessert (pictured below). Both went over well! Then on Sunday, I made a big batch of lentil soup from a new cookbook I have, and tried SusanV’s Black-eyed Pea Masala. Both have been tasted, and both get a thumbs up, for being both simple to make, and very tasty.


4 responses to “Chiropractor and food…

  1. Ok, let’s get something straight… it does NOT hurt! LOL it tickles! well, on my feet it does :) seriously, I’m glad you’re taking a break. It’s hard but it teaches you some important lessons in the early days of your running carreer: listening to your body, respecting its limitations and above all, patience.

    I’ve had a few sessions with Beth, with both instruments and accupuncture on my butt (yay for body pump but it really DOES make the sciatic nerve tighter) and back. I felt like a porcupine lol

    Don’t forget your epsom salt baths. They are also good and stretch, stretch, stretch… Good luck!

  2. Matt, epsom salt baths would never ever replace ice baths, especially when you start doing longer distance. Remember that everyone, even chiropractors will have a different opinion but I do agree that ice baths should be done immediately, or as soon as you can after strenuous exercise. Right now, I do think that epsom salt baths are better for you.

    • Hey Sylvie – I wasn’t posting it for the ice bath comparison, but rather his comments on epsom salts being a placebo — I hadn’t heard that before and wasn’t sure if you had.

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