Christmas running…

I’m chilling at my Dad’s place about an hour and a half northwest of Ottawa (Pembroke for those who know the area). It’s a winter wonderland here, complete with roads with rolling hills, acres of forest around the house to hike and snowshow in (see picture to the left), and lots of good-smelling food in the kitchen.

We had a pretty traditional morning, complete with gift opening and lots of caffine. Among my loot was a bunch of gift cards for a running store (yay for new gear!), and running jacket and a set of Henckel knives. We’re heading to Ottawa tomorrow (weather permitting) for some retail therapy (ya, like any of us need that after this seaons). The husband wants to hit up Silver Snail for their Boxing Day sale and I’m hoping to unload a few of these running store gift cards and pick up some new clothing that fits (it’s amazing how quickly one shrinks from running!).

But for now I’m enjoying, relaxing, spending time with family and friends. I went out for a quick 12 km this morning – the picture on the right is after I got back (my camera is busted, so these photos were taken with my parent’s camera, which has that annoying date stamp. I didn’t realize this till after and dont’ have access to photoshop… booo).

I hope you’re all having a fantastic holiday season, with lots of love, food and of course running!

Happy Holidays!


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