Hello winter…

The craziness of the season is here — the holiday parties, lunches, and shopping. With so many demands at this time of the year (not to mention the lovely slush storm Toronto had this week), it can be tempting to skip that midweek run to get more done, or to seek asylum in the warmth of your home. I know this because I did it Wednesday night. For the first time, I skipped a planned run. In my defense, I had just finished an hour-long weight lifting class and had run five speedy kilometers on the treadmill before that. But I had the best of intentions to finish this off with a brisk 10km. That was until I stepped out of the gym, and into the blustering cold of the city street, something in me said, “hell no.” I think my body may have been in shock — we’ve been spoiled with such a long and moderate autumn that made it seemed as if the reality of winter would never arrive (ya right, dream on!).

Instead, I went home Wednesday night and did some work on the blog (you’ll notice we now have a facebook page and there are a few other bells and whistles on the blog), and I didn’t give another thought to leaving the house.

Then yesterday I regretted not going for my run, and it made me think of one of quotes Allison Larsh told me about for her Toronto Runner profile: “I’ve often regretted not going for a run, but I’ve never regretted going for one.” So there was no skipping last night’s 10km. The official temperature was -9˚c, but with the wind chill chill to it to -21˚c!

I bundled myself up with two layers on the legs, three on the torso and a pair of double layered socks. I used one of those running headband things with a toque overtop and winter running gloves. The first few kilometers were uncomfortably cold and several times I regretted not lathering my rosy cheeks in Vaseline. There was an incredibly strong head wind coming from the west (the direction I was running into, but figured it better to have it on my back for the second half) that would nearly blow me into the streets when I crossed at intersections.

Despite all this, after the first few kilometers I was nice and toasty warm. My toes, which only a few blocks back felt like they were frost bitten, were now snug and warm, and I was trotting along a fairly decent pace.

What this long, drawn out post is getting at is, don’t skip your runs because of the cold weather (dangerous weather, yes. Cold and wind, no). It’s likely one of the few things that will keep us all sane through this insane time of year and land us on the other side fit and ready for another (much warmer) season!

This week’s runs:

Date Distance (km) Pace (/km) Time
December 2 14 4:39 1:04
December 3 10 4:53 48:42
December 6 25 5:00 2:04

5 responses to “Hello winter…

  1. Running directly into a cold, cold wind is the worst!

    You think you will never get warm, but you always do.

  2. I love winter running, I know I’m a nutcase but I have never missed a run because of the cold, for other reasons but not because of the cold. And I totally get the feeling guilty. I feel like that too. So good on you to go out the next day, sometimes we need to do this to get re-energized…

    Re face protection, I use Kiehl All Sport Non Freeze Face Protector with SPF 30. You can find it on Queen Street. It’s much lighter than vaseline and doesn’t stain. It’s fabulous stuff.

    yay for winter running!

  3. OMG loved reading your post. I submitted your feed to my blogreader!

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