My running holiday list…

It’s that time of year again when everyone is running around to get their holiday shopping done. It’s also the time of year when we’re all being asked, “what do you want?” This question always catches me off guard, because I really don’t start thinking about the holidays until I’m reminded that they’re impending. This year, my stock (and truthful) answer is that I want gift cards to running shops.

While running is a comparatively cheap sport, there are items that can make it more enjoyable (like body glide) and safer (with reflective gear). Also, with so many races and so many entry fees, it can be nice to have a break on the gear that helps you to get there. So, here is my quick list of items that I’m planning on purchasing with any gift cards I receive:


Next to urban professional women, there is no other group of people who are as shoe-obsessed as runners! With my marathon training beginning in January, I’m going to be in need of a few good pairs of shoes! I’ve tried several brands and styles and at this point, my all-time favourites are my Asics Gel Kayano 15’s. I haven’t had a single ache or pain since using these shoes, and while they’re a little pricey ($199), I consider them insurance for my legs.

Fuel Belt:

My current two-8oz bottle fuel belt has been a trusty friend over the last year, getting me through my first half marathon. But the time has come where I need to have more water available, especially since the city shut the water off to the public fountains for the winter! I’m still undecided between the four and six bottle models (especially in terms of carrying weight), but I’m definitely looking for more than two.

Winter running clothes:

The weather outside is getting cold! And I’m not doing laundry three times a week for my running clothes, so I will be looking for some new winter running pants and a couple of tops and fleeces to round out my winter running wardrobe.

Foot roller:

This would be a total indulgence, but after a long run, my achy feet would love it!

So that’s my list. Fancy, huh? What’s your list look like? What is it that you’re hoping Santa will leave under the tree for you and your running bag?

And for my own record keeping, here are the past week’s runs:

Date Distance (km) Pace (/km) Time
November 25 13 4:50 1:02
November 27 10 4:50 48:11
November 29 25 5:25 2:15

One response to “My running holiday list…

  1. Great list! I’m working on mine…

    I so agree with shoes. Many new runners don’t “geddit” when we go on and on about shoes. They look at us like we’re getting a dividend on how many shoes a clinic will sell… lol Then they get a new pair and they go ahhhhhh

    While buying on sale can be a bit of a challenge sometimes as the most popular ones go quickly and if you buy an older model you get a little bit less mileage, it’s good to also rotate your shoes.

    I so agree with running tights! But one good thing about winter is that you don’t need to wash them every time and they do dry quickly so but yes, having more than one pair is a must. Get them with wind panels too, you’ll be happy when you come into a wind tunnel and your legs don’t freeze.

    I have that little gizmo and I love it!

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