Seasonal musings…

It officially appears to be that time of year again – that time when I will begrudgingly put away my running shorts (or at least relegate them to my gym bag), along with my tank tops and thin running socks, to don full-length pants, a fleece sweater, wind breaker, and double-layer socks.

Aside from the additional clothing requirements, there is something about running in the colder months that I find appealing; a quiet serenity that is lacking in the deliciously hot days of summer. And while it’s still fairly temperate, it won’t be long before each contraction of my lungs will yield visible puffs of moist air, and the sweat being wicked away from my body will freeze on the outer layers of my garments.

But during that time of year, the air is crisp and clean (or as clean as it can be in the largest city in the country) and it is as close to solitude as a Torontonian can get while being outdoors. Icy sidewalks are largely abandoned for underground routes. Typically busy trails and paths lack their usual mosaic of cyclists, roller bladders, and pedestrians. All that is left are the runners who push through the obstacles of their environment to achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves — whether that’s maintaining a base for next season or training for one of the early spring marathons.

I began my first running clinic in the dead of winter, and this year, I look forward to beginning the clinic for my first marathon in the same.

The past week’s runs:

Date Distance (km) Pace (/km) Time
November 10 13 4:50 1:02
November 14 8 4:47 38:09
November 15 18 5:07 1:31
November 17 10 5:00 49:51

One response to “Seasonal musings…

  1. I love winter running as well although we have been referred to as “nutbars” or “hardcore” :) I prefer nutbar myself…

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