odds and ends…

The weather in Toronto has been fantastic this week! We’ve been incredibly fortunate to see temperatures in the double digits during the day with lots of sunshine! Of course, it’s getting dark earlier, and so I had my first nocturnal run of the season on Tuesday that took me for 13 km around the beaches and lakeshore. It was a lot of fun, and I had forgotten how slippery a sidewalk covered in leaves can be!

Last night, I had the opportunity to go to a “body pump” class at the Union Station Goodlife Fitness gym and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now that the training season is done, I’m trying to get out and try some different classes and exercises that I might enjoy either for cross training, or just for fun. I’m heading to a spinning class next Monday and have plans to check out the local pool later next week.

There is lots going on in the running blogs post-marathon season — Yumke had a great post about the bravery of the other side of racing season – the one where despite dedication and training, there is an injury or race day doesn’t turn out like you hoped. Yesterday, the G&M’s “jockology” column was on music’s affect on running and can be found here. Running with Scissors also has a great post about embracing the “silly season” of running before the next season begins! For the parents reading this, Runner Dude has a post on using running to be a healthy role model for your kids.

I’m busy putting together what I hope will be a weekly feature, and am looking to launch it early next week. I’m also planning a nice LSD for Sunday and so far the weather people are indulging me with continued weather bliss!

Winter’s coming, so I’m going to soak up as much of that last bit of warm dry pavement as I can before it’s gone! I’ll finish this post with a video I found over on Dave’s blog, called “Why do you run.”


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