Vacation running

Here is an update on the runs I did while I was away in Mexico (except for the last one, which was an LSD with a running buddy yesterday):

Date Distance (km) Pace (/km) Time
October 27 5 5:04 25:20
October 28 11.5 5:15 1:00
October 29 6 5:07 30:42
October 31 11.5 5:23 1:01
November 2 13 5:19 1:09
November 3 7 5:22 37:28
November 4 10 5:20 53:11
November 5 15 5:20 1:20
November 8 16 6:33 1:44:33

I’m feeling kind of directionless without an impending race on the horizon. I’ll start my marathon training in January, but am sort of enjoying a much more casual approach in the mean time. I’m going to keep my LSD’s at about 20 km or so for the time being and do a couple of 10 kms during the week to maintain my base. Any other suggestions? I was thinking of increasing my cross training during this down time to build up other muscles and keep things interesting.

I have some plans for a fun series for this blog that I hope to launch next week. Stay tuned!


3 responses to “Vacation running

  1. Matt, I know how you feel, it always takes me a while to get adjusted to living life without a schedule! :) but we do…

    My only suggestion I would have is to yes, keep your mileage going but I’d go a little higher, so try to get in a few more 10k in there. When you’ll be doing marathon training, your weekly mileage will be in the 60-70km a week range. What will be most important (and probably your biggest challenge) will be your pacing during your LSD runs.

    Good luck, I will be following your progress for sure :)

    • That’s what I was thinking initially, but then when I looked at the first week of the marathon clinic, the first LSD is only 10km. Maybe I’ll just push it up to the mid-20’s and keep it there and then wait for the clinic to catch up… it’s not like I have anything better to do on my weekend…. like sleep in ;-)

  2. Ok, I read the post slowly and you did say a “couple” of 10k run in the week, so with your 20k on weekends, that would make it about 40k until the start of the clinic… so if you keep this up, you will be ok. But yeah, sleeping in on a Sunday morning is very nice indeed… :)

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