Ola from Mexico…

I’ve been enjoying a much needed vacation in Mexico and was really fortunate to find a track only minutes from the villa where I’m staying. Each morning I’ve been waking up and going for a run, enjoying the sun coming up over the mountains and the sounds of the birds in the trees (my headphones broke on day two).

Matt554The town where I’m staying – San Miguel de Allende – is at 7,000 feet above sea level, something that I didn’t really appreciate until I went for my first run. At first my chest felt heavy, then my feet felt like they weighed ten pounds a piece, and that was before I started getting dizzy. Then I slowed down and took it easy like a good runner. Each day I’ve been improving what I’m calling my “mountain running time”.

Matt555The track I’ve been running on isn’t really esthetically appealing. In fact, it’s fairly decrepit – surrounded by a fence that is crowned in barbed wire, beside a polluted creek. The running track is made of deceivingly loose dirt, and is bordered on two sides by painted brick walls. But it’s a track, it’s flat, safe and something I didn’t expect to have access to while on vacation.

Each morning, I’m kept company by half a dozen locals who run in anything from a knock-off Adidas jump suit to a full-on down-filled winter jacket. It’s about 15 degrees Celsius in the morning, which for me has been perfect tank and short weather. I’ve seen some interesting stretching “moves,” and learned a couple of new approaches to strength training from watching a few of the younger guys using the playground equipment. I’ve brought my jungle gym (from Monkey Bar Gymnasium), so I’ll get to play with that over the next couple of days.

Here’s another photo of the track:



One response to “Ola from Mexico…

  1. It’s SO QUIET here without you!!!! Glad to hear you’re getting your runs in before happy hour!

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