Sunday LSD

This morning I decided to go for a nice long 23 km solo run, adding 10 per cent onto last weekend’s half marathon (took 1 hour and 56 min. — 5:03/km pace).

I started off in Toronto’s east end at Main Street and Danforth Avenue taking a route down to the lake, along the boardwalk, through Cherry Beach, up the DVP trails and finally back through Taylor Creek park. This route was inspired by a write up about Toronto running trails in the November/December issues of Canadian Running (pg. 28/29). I used Map My Run to map out the route  — if you’re interested in checking my route out, you can see it here. Also, if you wanted to shorten it to 20 km and make it a full loop, just cut out Ash Bridges Bay and Cherry Beach and just run straight across Lake Shore Avenue. This way you could start and end in the downtown core.

I’ll be on a plane first thing in the morning heading for the mountains of central Mexico. I’ll be running every chance I get, hoping to take my camera along with me so I can share the sights and trails I find. It’ll also be El Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) during my trip, which I’ll definitely be blogging.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Hasta Luego Amigos


2 responses to “Sunday LSD

  1. Hey Matt,
    Nice run. I put together the route for Canadian Running, so I’m glad you were able to put your own route together with it. Cheers,

    • Thanks Michal! I was really happy to see a route through the east end, and It’s led me to explore a number of great areas in the city that I may not have otherwise run through. I’ve really been enjoying the magazine and am looking forward to the next issue!

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