A commute of a different sort

I’m currently trying to get everything I need to get done and finished before I head out for a two week vacation on Monday. So yesterday’s “lunch run” got pushed to afterwork when I decided to kill two birds with one stone: get home from work and get my run in.

So I ran the nearly 10 km home from work (At a 4:35/km pace).

It was a nice run, if not a little cold (t-shirt and shorts in October – who would have thought), and I discovered an interesting fact — it takes me 25 minutes door-to-door when taking the subway home from work and 35 minutes door-to-door when running. It could be a neat (and pretty green) idea to try and run to and from work when the weather gets warm again next year (yes, I’m a suck and am not running to work in the winter… I know… “you call yourself  a runner”).

Still haven’t seen any of the photos from last weekends race. I’m impatiently waiting and hoping I had a couple good ones. In the mean time, here are a few more interesting running articles from the last day or so:

  1. Plodders have a place, but is it in the marathon? (NY Times)
  2. One ultrarunning problem, solved for good (NY Times)

P.S. I’m keeping my toenails… even if they’re black and blue ;-).


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