Picking up the race kit…

Race weekend is here! I went down to the Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon Expo today on my lunch break to pick up my race kit. Expo_sign

The race shirts are decent – a bright orange with white stripes down the sides. The kit also included a copy of irun, a mini carton of Rice Dream, a chapstick, and a bunch of assorted other samples and flyers.

I was also able to pick up a pair of ADIDAS running gloves for training this winter, was given a Goodlife hat (and the chance to win a gym membership), and got a free copy of the November/December Canadian Running (I signed up for a two year subscription at the Scotia expo – this is an excellent magazine and that I highly recommend).

The expo also had the trophies displayed near the kit pick up, but I couldn’t find where they were keeping the display of the medals that are being handed out this year. I found the booth with the company who makes them, but they also didn’t know where they were located. So, for now, the esthetics of the medals remains a mystery (although a little bird told me they were BIG).

TropiesCompared to the Scotiabank Waterfront Toronto Marathon, I thought the kit pick up was kind of shaky. At Scotia, they had a huge area separated by last name. At the Toronto Marathon, it was divided by event and there was a massive line for the marathon and things seems a little disheveled. I’m sure it’s not easy disseminating 30,000 + race kits and maybe I should take into account that it had only be open for a couple of hours, but as far as systems go, I preferred the way it was handled at Scotia.

I also found the walk ways for the expo incredibly narrow. Coming away from the race kit pick up, you are funneled into the Running Room booth with a three-foot opening for everyone to get through. It then opens up a little more, but is still pretty tight, especially with people stopping to look at booths and the various offerings at each. The vendor selection was good and I was happy to see asics selling their shoes and clothing at The Runners Shop‘s booth.

BibSo, I’m a happy tapered runner, just waiting for the gun to go off and run this thing. While I’m telling myself that i’d like to just do as well as i did at Scotia, the truth is I want to do better! I’m hoping to finish in 1 hour and 40 minutes. Well see how it goes!


One response to “Picking up the race kit…

  1. I found Goodlife a little smaller this year. Of course, the Running Room, one of the major sponsors of the race, had the same spot as last year :) We did see the medals, they were somewhere inside, can’t remember where but we did see them. The one for the 5k is the same as last year. The half and full are different this year. I also liked the tshirt and will definitely wear it with pride. I also like the personalized bib.

    Not two races are the same, re picking up race kits. Montreal’s setup was similar to today.

    I think you will enjoy that run more and I do think you will beat your time. Of course, it’s downhill…

    2 sleeps!

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