Carb (over) loading

I’m nearing the end of my taper week, anxiously awaiting race day. I didn’t plan any formal “carb” loading, nor have I ever done so. But yesterday (for instance), I had vegan mac and cheeze, pretzels, and garlic bread. Um…. ya. Not a veggie to be found anywhere. And then tonight I have plans to meet a friend at my favourite local Mexican restaurant Rancho Relaxo for nachos!

Can I have my carbs with a side of carbs, please?

I’m going to need to run this race so I don’t end up being 500 lbs! That wouldn’t help my PB! I think I’ll have a salad (or two) tomorrow.


2 responses to “Carb (over) loading

  1. Did you carb loading work? I’ve never been in good enough shape to try it (and have it make a difference)?

    • I wasn’t carb-loading – I was just joking that I was eating a lot of carbs that day ;-).
      I generally try to make sure my nutrition is good and that I take an adequate taper before a race to make sure my glycogen stores are up and my muscles have time to recover. So far that’s worked for me.

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