Survived the long Thanksgiving weekend!

This year was the first year that I have been this active through the holiday season. Over the weekend, with all the amazing food and drinks, I managed to keep to my training schedule, putting in another 18 km on Sunday, 10 km on Monday and 6 km today in addition to two weight training sessions.

The 18 km on Sunday was very VERY cold. My running buddy and I met at Mel Lastman Square – the starting location for next weekend’s Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon – and ran most of the half marathon route in preparation. We took our time and finished in 1 hour and 45 minutes (5:50/km pace). I’ve heard a lot about the dreaded “Hogs Hollow” – a particularly long and steep hill in the route – and wanted to size it up before race day. I’m glad I did and now have the visuals to pace myself en route.

Holiday Monday was a leisurely day around the house, getting things ready for the colder weather. I got out for my 10 km around 5-ish and ran the Tailor Creek Park trails. This one was at race pace and I finished it in 47 minutes (4:45/km pace).

I just came back from a 6 km lunch run that took me from Avenue road and Bloor Street, down University Ave to Front Street and back up – recreating the final couple of km to the finish line for Sunday. I believe this was my fastest 6 km so far, finishing in 25 minutes and 49 seconds (4:19/km pace).

Only five days left till race day!


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