A week later…

A week has flown by and a lot has happened. It’s been a crazy blur of busy life stuff and trying re-orient myself in my training between two half marathons that are three weeks apart.

Last Saturday I went for my 20 km run as scheduled. I love longer runs – it really allows me to get to the point where my mind clears, my body moves effortlessly and I can’t help but grin from ear-to-ear. I took it easy on this run, finishing in 1 hour and 44 min at a pace of 5:12/km.

On Sunday, I had company over and we went for another run that ended up being roughly 12 km. This was a mistake. I think I pushed it too hard too quickly and my ankle began to ache and swell after the run.

I took Monday and Tuesday off, resting and icing before getting the ok to resume training on Wednesday, which consisted of a 10km in 48 minutes and 29 seconds at a pace of 4:51/km.

Last night I put in a speed training / intervals workout at the track. 12km: 3 km warm up, 400 metres at 90 – 95% of maximum heart rate, 1200 metres recovery – repeated four times, with a 3 km cool down.

The next week (including a taper) will (hopefully) look like:

  • Friday: 6 km lunch run at race pace
  • Saturday: 6 km fartlek run
  • Sunday:  18 km long slow distance
  • Monday: 10 km at race pace
  • Tuesday: 6 km steady lunch run
  • Friday: 3 km slow

Only eight days left till the Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon!


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