Hitting the ground…. recovering?

This week I’ve been trying to balance giving myself enough time to recover from last weekend’s race with the need to start training to potentially run the Goodlife Toronto Half Marathon on October 18. I wasn’t sure what that would (or should) look like as the three-week window doesn’t leave much room for recovery, training and then some form of taper. Here is what I’ve done and am looking at for this week:

  • Wednesday — 10km Steady
  • Thursday — 6km Tempo
  • Saturday — 20 km LSD

I’m doing my LSD on Saturday this week because I have company on Sunday. Wednesday’s run was really nice – great weather, good pace. I was feeling a little pent up after taking two days completely off after the race, and this did the trick. I completed the 10km in 47:30 (4:45/km).

Thursday’s run was pretty cool and windy. We’ve had a cold snap and it was definitely an adjustment for me. My time was a little slower than my usual Tempo runs. I completed the 6km in 28:06 (4:41/km).


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